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Weird Encounter at Home Depot

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I took our dog to Home Depot this evening to get some gardening supplies. He's well behaved there, and I also take him there because it brings up some good training opportunities. Anyways, I was walking with my dog heeling beside me down a long aisle, and was about halfway through the aisle. Suddenly, my dog pulled on the leash and turned around, so I looked to see what was going on.

Get this: A guy was standing about 30 ft away at the end of the aisle, holding a retractable lead, and he let his dog come all the way to meet ours! His dog just came up and started sniffing my dog's behind. It was a bit weird (he and his dog are lucky they didn't pick a reactive dog!). The guy was watching and grinning the entire time (from 30 ft away!)...he thought it was hilarious. Strange, right? I've never seen another dog owner pull this stunt using a retractable lead in a store before.

I'm teaching our dog to ignore other dogs when on leash, so I told him to Leave It, and he actually listened (woot! that is a VERY hard thing for him to do, since he loves to play).

Anyways, just wanted to share this weird dog owner story....
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Wow, thanks for all the replies. It's always interesting to read the different opinions and see the discussion happening.

Just for the record, I wasn't mad at the guy with the retractable lead. I guess I have gotten used to it -- my dog and I are constantly approached by people and their dogs (sometimes they ask first...but, mostly not!). I find many people are not aware of "dog etiquette", but want a social connection with other dog owners and their dogs. So, to an extent, I understand their want of a 'connection' and some interaction to brighten their day, so I try to not let things annoy me for the most part...there is no way I can avoid all these situations. It does make training harder because I am still trying to work on him ignoring dogs and people that greet him with exciting voices and vigorous pats. He's an adolescent and can become a bouncing monkey at the end of the lead. To top it off, he's 95 pds and strong, so I work that much harder in getting him trained.

That said, I think the most annoyed I ever got with unwanted interaction -- one time, my dog and I were waiting outside a store for a guy and his huge poodle to finish going through the door. But instead of leaving, he saw us and approached for a dog greeting. He was blocking me from entering the store, but I was an idiot and didn't say anything. Suddenly, his dog snapped and lunged, and almost got a piece of my dog's nose. Did the guy not know his dog was even remotely reactive?

Anyways, to continue with the first paragraph, another reason I try not to judge others for lack of dog etiquette - while I am aware of 'etiquette', I do stupid things. For eg, one time I was working in the front yard and my dog was being a good boy and ignoring passerby, so I relaxed control of his leash. Then my neighbour's 4 year old kid walks out. My adolescent dog takes off and starts running at her to play. Kid sees a dog twice her size running towards her, starts screaming and runs, and of course my dog chases her. Kid's grandma watches in horror. My dog quickly and thankfully stopped. Yes, I was THAT owner who made a kid scream.
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