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Hi guys!
It's been a while since I last visited these forums, sorry about that. I just logged in to share you this story about my friend's dog whom I am currently dogsitting.
He is white shepherd male (2 y/o). He'd be so handsome if he'd be healthy. Unfortunately this poor boy has had a quite a struggle throughout his short life.
It all started about a year ago or so, with diarreha, anemia etc. He just got diarrhea from everything, got dehydrated and needed vet more than any 1 year old dog ever should. Lots of blood tests and propably others were done by a vet but results were showing that nothing alarming was going on. Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, which pretty much equals as "I don't know, he's just sensitive. Take care, bye!". Constant antibiotics 'for nothing', his diet was for too long lots of carbohydrates and close to none fat. He has no known allergies, but he can not digest anything.

Well, I got him on tuesday to stay with us for a week, I googled and read and studied a lot about his symptoms and tried to look up for any hints of what the heck is going on here. Last time he stayed with us, he had some sort of muscles (a month ago) and now they're vanished too. He's the skinniest dog I've ever seen. It is so sad. Every time I'm looking this dog my heart is crying. He should weigh 10 kilos (22 lbs) more than he currently does.

He's been eating kibble for a month, it seems to be okay for him, technically. It's not causing diarrhea and his huge poop is not bright yellow and too slimy.. He's eating a lot, double of gsd's daily amount. And yet he is starving. Not getting any nutritions from his food at all. If this goes on for a long, he will most propably die soon.

Well. As I said, I read a lot and got interested about pancreatitis and othe pancreas diseases (EPI), everything seems to match his symptoms. Everything.
I found out there's this easy access product sold in local drug stores, it is made from pigs' pancreas to add those digestive entzymes that will do the trick to get digestion process going on. Creon 10000 is the name of the pill (in Finland) and I really got interested about it. I immediately asked the owner if I could try them out on him, since he's never been fed like EPI dog. I really do wonder why so. Somehow it just suddenly seemed so clear solution. She gave me a green light and said "anything that you imagine could help him, try it!"

After first meal with the added enzymes, this skinny dog was packed with lots of energy. Honestly. Just couple of hours after his meal he was going like two year old that he is instead of moaning zombie! Just like he was suddenly awaken from coma. So different! He slept well the first night and didn't wake me up early in the morning like he did previous mornings. Usually he was waking me up, just to say "I'm starving and I need to poop an elephant sized yellowish slug in your yard. NOW."

At the moment, after 5 'Creon10K' boosted meals, I'm pretty convinced that his pancreas is not working properly and I've found something that possibly helps him to live longer. What a feeling! He's super energized and not eating grass nor his own poop at all. His poop is not that wet nor slimy nor yellow any more, it's darked brown and looks more like a healthy poop. Every dog owner knows that feeling, right?
My husband also noticed him being totally different dog now from the apathethic dog he was just couple of days ago. He's suddenly lit like a candle, he wants to play all the time and when he's resting, he seems very comfortable and peaceful.

You can not believe how happy I am, even though I'm still thinking that this is all my imagination. How on earth could I figure out something that trained veterinarian couldn't?!

I'd like to hear more stories about EPI / IBD dogs, and also I'd like to know how fast he could gain weight if this is really working? How can I safely help him to get back to health and is there any other super important advice to tell my friend, than to maybe change the vet and get his medication and diet fixed and also get those vitamin b12 shots asap. I really want this awesome dog to be okay and I think it's quite twisted to even say: I wish he had EPI, which means he could have a future!
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