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Below, you'll find a list of various helpful websites, blogs, and youtube channels to help you get started in your training! Be sure to check out all of our other training and behavior stickies (as well as in House training and New Additions!) where we have compiled and organized related topics from many of the following resources!

Patricia McConnell, PhD
Dr. Sophia Yin
Karen Pryor Clicker Training
4 Paws U
Kathy Sdao
Robin K. Bennett
Modern Dog Training
Positive Motivation Dog Training--Pamela Dennison
Whole Dog Training
Behavior Adjustment Training--Grisha Stewart
Diamonds in the Ruff
Doggie Drawings--Lili Chin
Dogmantic's Dog Training--Emily Larlham
Rewarded Behavior Continues
Fearful Dogs--Debbie Jacobs
How Many Dogs?!
Reactive Dogs--Ali Brown
Dog Star Daily
The Bark
The Whole Dog Journal
San Francisco SPCA
Peaceable Paws--Pat Miller
Open Paw
ASPCA Dog Care
Sirius Dog
Chat with CAABs
Smart Dog University

Jean Donaldson
The Other End of the Leash
Eileen and Dogs
Awesome Dogs
Success Just Clicks
Pam's Dog Academy
Paws Abilities
Smart Dog Blog
Reactive Champions
Denise Fenzi
Dog Behavior Blog
Smart Animal Training
Do You Believe in Dog?
Dog Spies
Companion Animal Psychology

Youtube Channels:
Tawzer Dog
Pam's Dog Academy
Urban Dawgs
Donna Hill
Clicker Training Tutorials
Nana Border Collie
Bad Dog Agility
Winnie the Corgi
Say Yes! Dog Training
Success Just Clicks
Modern Canine Training
3 Lost Dogs
4 Paws U
Pamela Johnson
Suzanne Clothier
Domesticated Manners
Sarah Owings
Emma Parsons
Karen Pryor Clicker Training
Ahisma Dog Training
Helix Fairweather
Eileen and Dogs
The Family Dog TV
Patricia McConnell
Zak George

Free e-books! Dog Adoption Guide _2_030909.pdf
Understanding Behavior Chains by Denise Fenzi

For finding a trainer or behaviorist, see here:

For child/dog safety websites, see here:

For books, see here:
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