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Hi everyone! I'm Jessi in Az. Along with other critters, my hubby Craig and I have 8 dogs.

Kairyl is our 4.5 y/o Alaskan Malamute. He is learning agility and is AWESOME at it :) As all mals, he LOVES to have fun, which often gets him in "trouble" ;)

Buddjet is our 6 (? would have to check to be sure) y/o black tri Miniature Australian Shepherd. He's a good agility dog (has some NADAC titles) and has worked with sheep once. He also rides in the cart with me in parades (we do parades driving miniature horses).

Toby is our 9 month black tri "Mini" aussie who I think has become a small standard haha (need to measure him). In the future he'll learn agility. He LOVES to carry our shoes around but not chew them up haha ;)

Rylie is our 1.5 y/o red merle Mini Aussie. He is learning agility and does pretty well (not as well as Kai but he'll get there I think). He is also learning to herd and it's my first herding dog, we both love it! He's hubby's favorite ;)

Roxi is our 6.5 month old black tri standard aussie. She is lucky she's so cute, she sure is a handful lol! I know she's going to be AWESOME at agility, she is FAST and VERY agile and leaps over our baby gates (sigh!)

Denver and Philly are sisters, they are 2.5 y/o. Their dad is a leonberger and their mom is 1/2 newfy and 1/2 pyrenean mastiff. Denver is black and Philly is seal brown. They LOVE to swim, and Philly will bring you back to shore :)

And finally Wrinkles. 8 or 9 y/o shar pei, hubby knew this dog for a long time. When her owner couldn't keep her, I agreed to let him take her in. She's a great dog, LOVES people, but doesn't quite fit in wiht our other dogs and herd of cats, so we'd love to find her a better for her home.

Well, that's our canine family! You can see pics of them all on my website at ::: My Homepage :::
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