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Hi, I've been watching my aunt's dog for 2 weeks. They're coming back in one week. My aunt lives in the country and completely pampers the dog (gives her whatever food she wants, etc). Every day they take her for a very long walk in the woods, and usually they just go in the woods and take her leash off and let her run around. I live in the city and she absolutely cannot stand the city. She only wants to go for walks to pee and then look longingly at the car (hoping we'll take her home). Then she runs back inside. The longest walk I've gotten her to go on was about 4 avenues and 8 blocks away, then she ran home. She's also impossible to walk because she pulls very hard and constantly tries to run into the street. She won't go into our yard (except to eat and drink, and then she runs right back inside).
I'm home from school now and I don't know what to do. She will not stop barking. I took her out for a walk (or I tried to), she ate and drank, and I tried just petting her but she whines. I took her collar off in case it was rubbing her (which it was before) and she still barked so I put it back on.
What else can I possibly do!!! I know that she definitely needs exercise but she refuses to walk longer down the block!! I'm not strong enough to force her to walk any farther and anyway I don't want to force her. I'm trying to study for a test and I can't take the barking (she's some kind of beagle/hounddog). I tried to take her for another walk and she runs away when I take out the leash! I read one website that said to ignore the barking. Is this the right thing to do? I'd appreciate any help because I know nothing about dogs and I'm about to go insane.

btw. I love this dog quite a bit and usually she's happy to just sit next to me and be pet. However she's been worse than usual the last two days. I know she misses them a lot and I've been trying to make her happy but I don't know what else to do.
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