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Hi, everyone.

I have a 3 year old lurcher that I adopted in 27 June of this year. She was at the end of her season when we took her home, and the discharge stopped about a week into July. Since then, though, her vulva has not gone down and she is still cleaning it a lot, and is protective of it. Male dogs are sometimes (but not always) a little bit more interested in her, but they're aren't glued to her backside like they were when she was fully in season.

She was at the vet last night who thinks that it might be a phantom pregnancy, but couldn't confirm this. We were asked to keep an eye on it, and bring her back in 2 weeks if nothing has changed. I do not believe that she is actually pregnant, and the vet doesn't think so either.

I'm curious about what else could be causing a swollen vulva 6 weeks after a season ends?

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Can she be spayed with a swollen vulva? She is scheduled to be spayed on 23 September, but obviously this will be pushed back if needed.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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