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Bean a Apso/Jack
He is 5.
Never had pain issues

- Did tests, said he has IVDD.
- Gabapentin 100mg - Every 12 hours
- Metacam 1.5mg/mL per ML - Give one syringe (0.8ml) by mouth every 24 hours give with food. (Four syringes)
- No jumping no stairs for a month.

Sept 5 - Came home, bean was uncomfortable and looks like something on his leg was bothering him. Everytime I touched his hip area he would yelp.
Sept 7 - Bean was back to himself running around, did not take him to the vet as he had a vet appointment on Sept 11. Throughout the week he resume activity, did his walks and hikes.
Sep 21 - I was grabbing him and dragging him to me to snuggle up to watch Television. Bean Yelp and did not move for the remaining of the night till the next morning.
Sep 22 - He was laying down with pain and could not get back. As soon as my parents rushed over he was so happy and acted normal. Bean was running around the house to his normal self all day with my family.
Sep 24 - Came home from the beach and he was not moving. This must of been the worse I seen him. After two hours he started to shiver in pain and quickly went to the emergency vet. The emergency vet is near the dog park and he decided to walk perfectly fine towards the dog park. He went for a short walk then just sat down (Probably because he was in pain). The vet was a 4 hour wait so I took him home as the shivering stopped.
Sep 25 - He did not move at all and slept where I dropped him off the previous night. He could not stand. I picked him up and brought him outside to pee but his back legs just trembled.

20 minutes later, I was setting up my vehicle to take to his vet. As soon as he saw the car blanket, he ran to my car and excited to get in. No issues just normal self but will not jump kinda does the I about to jump but I barely can. He is also overweight.

Since Sept 25, he has been himself. The doctor did a lot of tests and said he has IVDD and prescribed me all this medicine. He is taking meds great, eating, drinking, etc. I confined him to my bedroom and removed my bed frame and just put the mattress on the floor since yesterday. He can't be in a crate as he is half jack and is crazy hyper.

- If he does have IVDD, how can I continue to minimize the illness. I am now preparing the house so that he has to not climb or jump on things.
- I don't understand how he snaps out of this so quickly when his activities take place or people come visit him.

This clip was taken after a full day of crying, yelping, shivering, from the 24-25 of September. After he saw his blanket, went to the vet and came home, he started to play with his food.

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peel some of the fat-blanket off... the Pumpkin Diet

he's def obese - I'd ask the vet if the pumpkin diet would be OK.

I'm guessing that he gets free-fed? - IOW, the bowl is filled, he eats some & it's re-filled?
Or his his bowl is filled by guess / by "eye", he eats some or all, either acts hungry later or is on a schedule, & gets another unmeasured meal? // Does more than one person feed him?

U need to make a habit of measuring his food; personally, i'd take the whole bag to the VET, with the labeling intact, & have the maker provide the kcals per ounce of food if it's not clearly written on the label. [just phone them - they can easily look it up.]
Ask the vet how much he needs of that food, in kcals, daily, & ask the vet to convert those kcals to ounces, split into 2 equal-volume meals.
Now, U have a very precise volume of food to give, in 2 feedings per day, about 12-hrs apart. :thumbsup:

3rd step, i'd reduce each meal by 2-oz of kibble, & replace that with 3-oz of plain canned pumpkin AKA pumpkin puree. Buy a case on sale for the upcoming holidays [that's 12 cans, 15-oz each] & U have enuf pumpkin for 60 meals / 30 days.

He's now getting adequate calories PLUS extra insoluble fiber, which bulks his stool, helps his anal-glands function on their own, gives him satiety [he doesn't feel deprived], & the only thing left is to increase his exercise.
If U don't up the amount of work he does - work being physical exercise - he won't lose wt. Dogs are incredibly good at maintaining their wt; U don't need to have him do aerobics, in fact with his back injury, that's a bad idea. Just "more walking" is fine. :) Add 1/3 more time to his walk; 30-mins becomes 40. He can do that.

Extra wt needs to come off as it went on, a little at a time, steadily. // Losing wt will really help his joints, esp'ly shoulder, elbow, pastern / wrist, hip, knee, hock, & spine.

- terry


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BeanandFinn said:
- If he does have IVDD, how can I continue to minimize the illness. I am now preparing the house so that he has to not climb or jump on things.
- I don't understand how he snaps out of this so quickly when his activities take place or people come visit him.
Back when my Chi x Dach had back trouble he was overweight, trending towards fat, one of the things my vet told me I needed to do was get the weight off. Some other things he told me, and also according to the massive amount of research I did, was to keep the dog on crate rest for at least a week so that the back has a chance to heal. Also so limit jumping as much as possible. I also changed the harness I used to walk him, I figured out that the old one was pressing into his spine when he pulled and had likely contributed to the problem.

I got the weight off of him, kept him very quiet and as still as I could, purchased stairs for him to use getting on and off the couch, and someone made him a ramp for getting on and off the bed. Today he's doing great, with no noticeable back problem.

I can't stress this enough, you need to keep him still for at least a week. Every time he has an episode he's doing more damage to that spine and sooner or later he's going to do permanent damage then your only option is going to be surgery. If you need to ask your vet for a mild tranquilizer to help with the crate rest.

Here's some articles and blog post about IVDD.
IVDD Information for Dachshunds & Crusoe's Experience
What is Intervertebral Disc Disease?
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