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Shipping address:

Anna M.
5424 Misty Valley Drive
Ooltewah, TN 37363

What you like/want:

I have two dogs, so preferably I'd like something for each or something that the two can share. My dogs like chicken, lamb, duck, and venison flavors best. They like freeze-dried food and treats. They prefer soft, squeaky toys. They love their flirt pole, and will even play with cat flirt poles.

Is there anything your secret santa should definitely not send?:

My dogs don't play with tug toys or anything stiff or hard, including hard balls. They don't like "plain" chews, like unflavored rawhide or deer antlers.

Your dog(s) sizes, color preferences for accessories:

Size small generally, but I always have to measure for each item. Layla is 14 pounds, and Skipper is 18 pounds. Layla currently has an xs collar, and Skipper has a small. I prefer girly colors, and I like bows or frills on accessories. I can measure specific dimensions on request.

Any food sensitivities:

Not that I know of, but in general my dogs don't seem to like the taste of fish.
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Hi @Skippersmom! You will be gifting cos. Her info is below. If you have any questions please post them here in this thread. A mod will ask for you to keep it a secret. :)

Shipping address:
Nadia Cervantes
1459 SE Hamilton St
Roseburg, OR 97470

Cosmo really likes fun interactive toys but they have to be tough because he likes to slaughter toys with guts (stuffing)

He also likes food A LOT but has a corn allergy so no corn please! Mom doesn't like super loud toys and personally avoids ear piercing squeakies.

Other than that I'm not picky at all! We like creativity and fun things!

Cosmo is a standard Australian Shepherd, so he's a large breed. No preferences on color here!

Corn and grain are generally not fed. I know for sure he's allergic to corn but I avoid grains to be safe.
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