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Urgent! Please help my puppy

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My 9 month old puppy, Baby Bits has holes all throughout her face and now under her chin. I was bathing her 3 days ago when I came home from work (around 3-4 am) after cleaning her face & head I noticed blood running down the drain. I immediately finished rinsing her and took her right out. When drying her off I notice 2 holes on her left side and 1 on her right. I immediately grabbed my Emergency kit and cleaned it up with Triadine and Antibacterial Ointment, & bandaged her up. Over the course of these few days I've been keeping the areas clean, bandaged & maintained the best I could, she's seemed to of been getting better. Until I noticed she was no longer eating, I have to pick her up and hold her to her water bowl just to drink, and yet another hole in the center under her chin! & Now there's today where things have taken a dramatic hit to rock bottom.. LITERALLY!! My son took her out for a walk before we went to get my daughter from school and I hear him screaming.. As I was running out to him he was picking Baby up and walking towards me. She was going to walk down the steps and just fell, all the way down 4 concrete steps. Now, she drags her back legs, walks on her front right paw and refuses to eat. But will drink still thank god!! I've called numerous vets about taking payment arrangements & found none. 2 days before this all began I was robbed for over $1,500 in cash & valuables and just paid this months rent. I feel like I don't even deserve to have her now that I financially can't afford to take care of her. I'm scared to death of what this could be. It's not BotFly, Nothing comes to the surface of the holes. And Now the holes are bigger and draining constant fluid with a horrible odor and she has these extremely painful looking sores on the inside of her mouth, like she's been chewing at her lips. I've been using Oral Porixide on the inside of her mouth.. SOmeone please help me help her. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for some help. And I've turned to the internet because everyone I've turned to out here aren't willing to help. If they could only see her or feel her pain, they wouldn't be so quick to turn away.
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Welcome to the forum.
It is hard to give any advice not being able to see. I would definitely have her seen by a vet.
You can apply for care credit to pay for the vet visit. Be sure to call around to make sure the vet you go to takes it.
Good luck
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I am glad you were able to take her to a vet. At least now you know and can go from there. I am sure the shot and the medication will at least make her feel better and help cut down on infections.

My Dentist had the care credit forms in their office and you found out right then if you were approved. You could see if any Vets offices have them available.

Good luck...keep us updated on how she is doing.
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