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As I have posted on here not that long ago, some of you may know I have been looking for a siberian husky puppy, then I looked into adopting one from a shelter, but when the one I wanted went before I could get her, I started to look both ways, puppy or adoption... well today I actually contacted the breeder to my current dog Keeno.

Now when Keeno was a puppy, I asked for the owner to bring 2 puppies to meet us, so we could pick one of them, based on personality and which one I clicked with better in person. I chose Keeno, and I don't think I could have made a better choice, Keeno is the smartest, friendliest, happiest dog I have ever met, he is truely one of a kind. Because Keeno is such a good dog, my Dad often says "we should have bought both of the puppies" that we had the breeder bring to meet up with.

So, out of curiosity I messaged the owner, just to see if he may ever have another litter, and the reply I got, I am not quite sure if it is coincidence, or maybe meant to be? His dog is pregnant again, same mother, same father as Keeno. Puppies will be born and ready to go by end of November or start or December. Perfect timing! I am willing to wait.

What makes this even funny, is the fact that I was wanting a white husky, and Keenos mother is a white husky! So she could easily throw a white pup. But if everything works out and I do get a pup from these people again, I don't care what color it is, as Keeno is such a great dog, I am sure breeding has a lot to do with it, and I am sure these pups will be super dogs too! Lol.

And for everyone who may be wondering, Keeno, and these puppies are Siberian Husky x Scotch Collie with a little bit of Malamute in there on the mothers side. The breeder will keep me posted and let me know when the puppies are born, and when they are a bit older (5-8 weeks), I will go out there and pick the one I want! Then bring it home at 8 weeks old!
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