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Unsure what dog to get? Westie? Lhasa? etc

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Hi all,
I'm getting a new dog very soon, and am very unsure what and where to get one. I'm not a first time owner (I had a lhasa in the past who I got from what I later found out to be a pretty unreliable breeder). Now I am getting a new dog I'm torn between what breed, and shelter vs breeder. I would really truly love to rescue a dog, but all the ones I've browsed in my area have either a lot of terriers/jack russels or large staffies which would not work for me. I have some requirements I really need to consider:
1) A fairly small breed (10-25lbs)
2) Affectionate and loving but isn't prone to separation anxiety as I do go to work. Ideally fairly laid back and happy. No aggression or biting.
3) Doesn't need hours and hours walking each day
4) Is reasonably quiet and doesn't bark all the time as I am living with 3 other housemates.
5) Is safe with children
I've been thinking about another lhasa, but also perhaps a white west highland, and any other suggestions people may have?? I don't know if a shelter will have the right breed for me in the next four weeks (my deadline) so it may have to be a breeder, but if so, I would need a slightly older dog (10 months+), not a puppy. I don't know if breeders generally have dogs that old?

So does anyone have any ideas for a great breed to get, and opinions on whether I should go breeder or rescue?

Thanks guys!!
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I have two maltese. They are wonderful, funny, loving dogs. They make great apartment companions. They are smart, clean and fairly quiet. They love people but will sound the alarm if someone knocks at the door.
Maltese Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts – Dogtime
the information on this web site it pretty accurate.
Have not seen s/a in any of the maltese that I know but, then again they all came from the same lines/breeder. Two of the ones I know compete in teacup agility.
Here is Sadie: Tiny teacup breeds twist, turn and jump their way through obstacle courses | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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