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Unsure what dog to get? Westie? Lhasa? etc

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Hi all,
I'm getting a new dog very soon, and am very unsure what and where to get one. I'm not a first time owner (I had a lhasa in the past who I got from what I later found out to be a pretty unreliable breeder). Now I am getting a new dog I'm torn between what breed, and shelter vs breeder. I would really truly love to rescue a dog, but all the ones I've browsed in my area have either a lot of terriers/jack russels or large staffies which would not work for me. I have some requirements I really need to consider:
1) A fairly small breed (10-25lbs)
2) Affectionate and loving but isn't prone to separation anxiety as I do go to work. Ideally fairly laid back and happy. No aggression or biting.
3) Doesn't need hours and hours walking each day
4) Is reasonably quiet and doesn't bark all the time as I am living with 3 other housemates.
5) Is safe with children
I've been thinking about another lhasa, but also perhaps a white west highland, and any other suggestions people may have?? I don't know if a shelter will have the right breed for me in the next four weeks (my deadline) so it may have to be a breeder, but if so, I would need a slightly older dog (10 months+), not a puppy. I don't know if breeders generally have dogs that old?

So does anyone have any ideas for a great breed to get, and opinions on whether I should go breeder or rescue?

Thanks guys!!
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Yes I would think terrier is out as they do tend to be more vocal. A poodle cross would probably work, as would many of the other breeds already suggested. A cockapoo, maltipoo, yorkipoo, etc would also work.

What part of the country are you in? Perhaps a good rescue in your area can be recommended. Going through a rescue versus a shelter will help in the right personality being matched to you -- but may take longer for finding the right dog.

10 month old small dogs tend to be relinquished by owners less often then larger more high energy the easier the dog the less likely it's going to be given up by previous owners.

Are you willing to adopt without meeting the dog in person first? I.e. having the dog shipped from elsewhere in the country?
Saw these three, two are said to be quite shy but you'd need more information. My girl was terrified of people the first 2 weeks but now (5 months later) you'd never know she was a stray earlier in her life.

Brenna-Cockerpoo located in Hampshire | London, South East London | Pets4Homes

Jody-female Poodle X located in London | London, South East London | Pets4Homes

Tina approx 8 month old female for adoption | London, North London | Pets4Homes
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