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Inside your dog-there is incredible intelligence. I’ve seen it in hundreds of Dogs I’ve worked with, and once you unlock that intelligence. Most behavioral problems simply melt away, and the bond with you and your dog grows stronger. For more Tips and Tricks let me know.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands
1) Low Value Treats: Are Your Treats Worth Working For?
2) Low Rate of Reinforcement: Are You Missing Out on Rewarding?
3) High Criteria: Are You Asking Too Much at Once?
4) High Level of Distractions: Is there too Much Going on?
5) Lack of Training: Has Your Dog Ever Been Trained Before?
6) Unclear Cues: Are You Confusing Your Dog?
7) Frustration Buildup: Are you Getting Frustrated?
8) Emotional Problems: Are Emotions Getting in the Way?
9) Health Considerations: Is Your Dog in Pain or Uncomfortable?
10) Are You Forgetting to Brain Train Your Dog?

5 Quick Tips to a Smarter Dog
1) Go off the Beaten Path
2) Hide Your Dog’s Toys
3) Increase Your Dog’s Vocabulary
4) Never Stop Training
5) Brain Training for Dogs

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@DynamiteC this looks borderline spam (inviting people to contact you for more tips). I'm not going to edit or delete because there is some sense in what you say but please be careful to stay within forum rules.
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