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Hi all

I'm new here so appreciate any help and comments from you lovely members :)

Last August we picked up our cockapoo puppy and we called her Milly . She had a very slight chest infection few days before we got her so the breeder took her to the vet and she was prescribed antibiotics for 5 days.

We got her home and she was a little snotty and coughed a bit when drinking so we didn't worry too much. The following day was awful as we had a very sudden and traumatic death in the family and I had to fly out of the country. I needed to set up insurance and fast. I called petplan and of course they were not happy about the infection so they stuck a 'upper respiratory infection' clause on the policy stating this can be reviewed the following year. I didn't have enough time to look into this properly or even think about the long term effects of this, plus we already fell in love with Milly.

Fast forward a few months and the cough seemed to got worse and Milly was regurgitating food. Vet recommended we have an xray done. He took one of her lungs, trachea and he also took a fluid sample from her lungs.
All came back clear but as she had a bit of a temperature he prescribed a 6 week antibiotic treatment and meds for bronchitis and also metacam. (this all cost us a fortune) He also ruled out trachea collapse at this time.

We got a slow feeder and the regurgitation decreased dramatically! The cough reduced also. As Milly was getting older we started to take her for longer walks and off lead . She never once coughed during exercise but tended to clear her throat after drinking and she still regurgitated food if she ate it too fast.

The vet was happy with this and decided against further treatment and medication.

Milly is now over 1 and again she never coughs when active (and she's very active with 4-5 mile walks daily, lots of running etc) , she only coughs, like a hacking cough when getting up from laying position. she also sounds like she is trying to cough something up! She also drinks funny and sneezes/coughs or has a clear discharge after. Again, the vet is not concerned and says she may just have a small throat opening ( can't remember what he called it) and as she is very active and the cough doesn't bother her he is not worried. The regurgitation is still there once in a while.

Also, I have a feeling the insurance won't lift the restriction. I am waiting for their answer and they now have all Milly's notes from the vet. The premium has already gone up by £6 and is going to cost £30 pm. With the restriction and the £95 excess I worry that its pointless continuing with it as insurance companies will try to wiggle out of paying out especially with an an upper respiratory restriction... there are so many organs involved!

I love my dog, she is smart, cute and very loyal. I worry that I won't be able to afford treatment if anything goes wrong and insurance won't pay out.

I wonder if there are other dogs out there who have this weird cough/throat clearing/drinking issue?

Thank you all for reading

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My elderly choc lab similar situation vet thinks upper respiratory disease due to how often irs a hacking sound like clearing something stuck in throat or vomit something out. id get second opinion from different vet.
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