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Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO), the agribusiness unit of pharmaceutical leader Unilab, continues its dynamic expansion and diversification with the introduction of its newest products under the Doggiessentials line, signalling its entry into the companion animals or pets segment.

Doggiessentials initially offers dog food under the Yum Yum brand, dog shampoo under the Bubble Bath brand, and Dextrolyte Powder, a ready-to-mix dextrose powder with electrolytes to help animals fight stress and dehydration.

Doggiessentials Brand Manager Chester Subagan said UNAHCO recognizes the huge potentials of pet products due to the growing number of people who consider pets as perfect companions whether at home or outdoors.

“We now see people bringing their pets everywhere, and we want to give them a new line of quality but affordable products to ensure not only the good looks but the overall health and well-being of their companion animals,” Subagan said.

Their dog food brand, Yum Yum, comes in two variants: Hi-Protein for puppies and the Adult variety which is fortified with Omega 3 & 6. Both variants have flavor peptides and Vitamin B Complex to enhance appetite and promote strong growth.

Bubble Bath, on the other hand, is a pH-balanced dog shampoo that eliminates odor because it is formulated with the right acid-to-base ratio to keep dogs’ skin and coat healthy.

“An unbalanced pH level can harm the dog’s skin and coat, making them uncomfortable and prone to skin irritations,” Subagan explained. “The perfect pH level for dogs is 7, the pH level of pure water, and this is what we offer with Bubble Bath.”

“A pH level that is too acidic can strip your dog’s acid mantle, causing the skin to become dry, flaky and stinky,” he said. “A pH level that is too basic, on the other hand, can cause unhealthy skin which becomes conducive to fungi, bacteria, parasites and other viruses.”

Dextrolyte, for its part, serves like a sports drink for dogs, Subagan said.

“It is the only one with electrolytes to replenish lost minerals especially when dogs are subjected to stress like travelling in enclosed places for which they are not designed,” he said. “But since we always want our dogs with us, then we should give them a supplement like Dextrolyte.”

For more information about UNAHCO’s new pet products and other pet-related activities, readers may visit Home page.
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