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I have an 11 year old female Italian Greyhound (small breed).

For the last two weeks she has been increasingly ill.

It started with decreased appetite.

Then vomiting undigested food.

Then a day of of completely refusing to eat and throwing up bile.

The next day she has diarrhea with bright red blood in it. I took her to the emergency vet.

The vet gave her subcutaeous fluids for dehydration, metronidazole for diarrhea, fortiflora (a probiotic) and asked us to bring her back if things didn't improve. Took a blood sample.

The next couple of days she ate only a few bites of food, but seemed otherwise happy. This has continued to be the pattern. We went to vet for follow up. She said the blood panel was mostly normal with slightly low sucrose and high liver enzymes. She gave us sulcrate (to protect potential ulcerations) and cerenia (for nausea).

Poop is normal but dark (ie: digested blood).

Energy levels are pretty good. She is still playing with our other dogs and barking at squirrels through the patio window.

However, a couple more days went by with her barely eating, just a few nibbles here and there, but nearly nothing.

We brought her back to the vet again today, who gave her more subcutaneous fluids to prevent dehydration, more sulcrate, amoxycillan to fight potential infection, more cerenia, and asked us to pick up Pepcid AC as well. The vet said she was concerned about hemorraghic gastroenteritis or pancreatitis.

We have a referral for an ultrasound which we will do as soon as the clinic calls us to set it up.

Meanwhile… I'm worrying myself sick along with the dog. What could possibly be wrong with her? I adore this little dog and don't want her to suffer. If she has something cureable/treatable, I want to get on it as quickly as possible. If she has something terminal, I want to know so I can do whatever is best for her to make her comfortable and happy for as long as she has.

I'm terribly worried. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? I'd really appreciate any input here, even if it's not good news.

Edit to add: I should mention, we have tried dozens of different ways to get her to eat. Baby food, cat food, many different kinds of treats, egg, chicken broth, rice, chicken, turkey… What she is willing to nibble on one day is never the same thing the next day.
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