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Hey guys,

So I'll try and keep this short but I need tell people how pleased I am with Jax today, he's been an absolute superstar!

Firstly, we saw a cat about 5 ft away on our walk this morning (in a wood of all places, I'd never risk letting Jax off the lead in a residential area) Jax was of the lead and as it legged it, Jax watched and I was adamant he'd give chase (he once got next doors car by the tail, luckily it got away!) but I calmly clicked with my mouth to get his attention (as an ex-horsey person it's a hard habit to break!) and to my surprise he calmly turned around and came and sat at my feet like it was nothing, so we had a massive two-man party involving squeaky tennis balls and a near handful of treats! ?

Then this afternoon I was putting my mobility scooter away in the garden with the front gate closed but the side gate open, Jax was with me when I suddenly heard next doors gate latch, Jax is terrified of visitors to ours or next door and will run the the front gate like a maniac, he nipped two people when we first got him, one was the next door neighbours adult son who thought it was a good idea to put his hand out to him over the fence while Jax was going mental, hence the side gate, which was only open for a second as I got my scooter in, it was just bad timing unfortunately.

Jax heard the gate latch and looked directly at the lady as I calmly made the click noise again, same thing, he just turned to look at me and calmly walked over to sit at my feet, I threw him a few squeaky balls, told him to take them into the house, which he did so I shut the side gate and do you know what, he didn't even come out of the house again, even when the gate latch went again in her way out, it was an amazing achievement for Jax, last summer I spent days crying as his reactivity to people being around our house or next door was so extreme and as a first time dog owner, I didn't have a clue how to fix it.

So while working with him on these issues, we manage the situation and as we don't want to risk anyone getting hurt, we don't usually get a chance to 'put him to the test' as it were, I'm genuinely amazed at how well he did, in both situations he was a million times removed from the dog I started trying to work with when we adopted him two years ago!

It just goes to show that our dogs are learning all the time, even when we aren't trying to teach them and that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!!

Laus xx
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