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On the way home from school just a little aways up the hill from my house, on the other side of the road I spotted something. I was going to fast to get a clear look at it and it was small and dark. So I turned into my driveway stopped the car and walked up the road to see if it was a turtle just in case but I wasn't expecting anything other then trash. Turns out it was a little turtle. Though as I was walking a car came up behind me and got out of her car to help the turtle and put him on the other side of the road. Unfortunetly it wasn't to close to the pond or marsh that's next to my drive way in turtle walking terms and its in the 90's today so I had no idea if how long the turtle was out there. So I grabbed him on the way back down, thankfully he was alive, to put him near the pond. Unfortunetly I saw he had a little bit of blood on him and a chip off his shell :(. Around here the most common death of turtles if from vehicle collision because of all the swamps, marshes and ponds. Thankfully it was only a bit of blood and he seemed no worse for the were other then being shook up and a bit hurt, he must have been clipped when some one was trying to avoid him or didn't see him. So I took him back up to my house to clean him off and give him a chance to recopurate before he went back out in the water. So right now im using my 5 gallon tub/bucket that I normally use to put water in my fish tanks, with a shallow amount of water for him to relax in. I also added a rock if he wants to get out of the water a bit and some algea from one of my fish tanks in case he needed some food (though I doubt he will eat it). So he will be going back down to the pond in the next half hour or so. He seems fine, within a few minutes of behing in the water his head was up and he was moving around.
I also snapped a few pics of him , if anyones wondering he's a Eastern Painted Turtle.

Eastern Painted Turtle 1.jpg

Eastern Painted Turtle 2.jpg

Eastern Painted Turtle 3.jpg

Eastern Painted Turtle 4.jpg

Eastern Painted Turtle 5.jpg
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