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It can be hard telling fact from fiction when it comes to what dog insurance policies really offer.

Even in an age when pet ownerhood is the norm, many are still on the fence about whether or not to buy pet insurance. We’ve all heard stories from friends, families and co-workers about horror stories, uninsured claims and steep deductibles. But how do you know if this second-hand knowledge is a true story or a fancy of fiction. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common facts and myths about dog insurance policies.

Choose Your Own Vet: TRUE

When it comes to people, we often have to pick from an approved list of doctors who will accept the type of policy from our health insurance provider. Not so with pet insurance! Any vet will happily accept whatever pet insurance policy you and your pooch have. This is great news, because you can stay with your trusted veterinarian and still be fully covered by your insurer.

Dog Insurance is Only for Sick Pets: FALSE

While it is true that you’ll be using your insurance when your dog is sick or injured, you’ll also be using it to keep him healthy. If you wait until your dog is ill to insure him, it will already be too late—that’s because all existing conditions will be excluded from your insurance policy.

Pet Insurance Can Be Reasonably Priced: TRUE

There are a range of affordable dog insurance options for those who have a lower budget. Even the most the most expensive of policies could work out saving you thousands of dollars, especially if your dog suffers from a serious illness or injury.

Claims Involve Too Much Paperwork and Time: FALSE

Yay for the digital age! You can complete and send in your form, all with the touch of your mouse. Many vets will even do it for you, so there’s no paperwork at all for you to fill out. There are even pet insurance companies, such as Figo, that allow you to take a photo of your vet bill, send it to the cloud and file a claim—all from your smartphone.

Pet Insurance Policies Are Easy to Set Up: TRUE

Just like finding the best rate for your car insurance, there are lots of online tools that will help you set up an insurance policy for your pet. You can set up your new policy online, as long as you have basic details about your pooch. All it takes is about 10 minutes and you’re all set.

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