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Ok so I wrote a very lengthy and detailed post on what my dog has been going through the last 2 months and we're still not sure exactly what her deal is.

My main concern is that she not be in pain. She does this trembling thing on her intake of breath that I've been concerned could mean pain (especially after she developed a permanent limp in one hind leg after a walk-no vocalizations and vet doesn't think it bothers her. Has not progressed at all that I can tell in the last month + 1/2. )

I noticed the trembling about the same time she started drinking excessively, becoming more lethargic (she is about to be 12), also stopped barking or whining at us when it would be normal for her to do so. She CAN cry when she's scared (she did it at the vet's and she did give one bark at a little dog in front of her house the other day for the first time in almost 2 months). And I know she can hear me...maybe it's possible her hearing is not a good as it used to be though.

She will do the trembling while she's resting as well as when she's up and about.

It does not involve her lower body at all. Only her head, neck, chest, and front legs. On her inhale, her front legs seem to draw up a bit (noticeable when she's laying down) and her whole upper body trembles or shivers and then relaxes on her exhale.

I have seen other people inquire about this kind of behavior while googling but I have never come across any explanation.

Her liver values are up but no to the point that her vet thinks it would cause anything like this. I've wondered if it could be CCD or just general anxiety but she does it when she's resting too. Not all the time but several times a day.

Sometimes she is startled if we come up behind her but other times she's not bothered at all by things she used to hate (my hair dryer, the shop vac).

She's on tramadol in case there was/is a pinched nerve or something in her back or for suspected arthritis (again, I wouldn't know-she gives no indication other than her weird behavior I've noted and no vocalizations whatsoever). She also has no problem curling into a ball to sleep. She did stop for about 4 days on vacation while she was getting tramadol every 8 hrs but she was also so drugged up looking and hardly moving even to eat.

I can't figure her out. She's done something similar her whole life when she's anxious (the vet's, the groomers, thunderstorms) but it involves her whole body and I'm pretty darn sure it was not just on her intake of breath. She's never done it for seemingly no reason.

Anybody ever see anything like it or have any ideas what could be causing it?
(She is eating better for the time being and I'm cutting her tramadol dose in half the next few days just to see how she does- she's down from 1 50 mg pill every 12 after her drugged out behavior on vacation to a half pill every 12.
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