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So I am training my dog Harvey in Treibball, which has been going on for several weeks now. He has been doing awesome. He knows "station", which is the command to go to his mat. He can be called back to lie down next to either my right or left side. He can be sent out from my side to his mat from about 4 feet away, from either side. But today was so weird!

First, he did eat several biscuits (human biscuits, not dog biscuits) yesterday, so I don't know if that has something to do with it.
First, his behavior was a little off. He was really distracted, really hyper, and very low motivation. I figure maybe he was just not hungry because of the biscuits and maybe also has some extra energy due to all the carbs in the biscuits. That's fine. But the weirdest thing was that he started avoiding his mat halfway through the session. He was doing okay, not great, with his commands, and then the next time I tried to send him to his mat, he didn't go on it and sat next to it. I gave the "station" command again, but he still wouldn't go. I walked over to the mat and place food on it and he wouldn't step on. We danced around each other for a while, with him literally JUMPING over the mat to avoid stepping on it. Eventually, I did get him to put a paw or two on the mat, but then he started straight up ignoring me, so I ended the session and didn't give him the rest of his meal.

What the heck is going on? Absolutely nothing happened between the time he was going to his mat and the time he started acting like it was made of lava. I suppose my commands may have been a little harder sounding than normal because he was not listening, but it's not like I was yelling or getting angry, just mildly frustrated. I would be surprised if this was what made him not want to go on his mat, but could this be it? He's been great with him mat and tries to knock it out of my hands while I'm lowering it. What could cause this sudden change? Could the biscuits have anything to do with it? He didn't get as much exercise as he normally does over the past few days because I've been busy moving furniture, so maybe that's it?

I'm thinking about fasting him tonight and trying again tomorrow morning. Yes, no?
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