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Bentlee, Mini Schnauzer
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I searched the forum for recommendations. I am feeding my puppy ProPlan Puppy for sensitive stomach. (I THINK the “sensitive stomach” was really more from the split elk antlers that this pup devoured the marrow like no other, than the food she was eating. I learned from this forum that THAT was definitely NOT a good choice for pups.) Ugh.
Anyway, it is now time to switch.

Suggestions on a good reputable brand? Should i stick with purina proplan since it seems to agree with her? The past few weeks she seems to be getting tired of it though. She is skipping bfast more often, and less than enthusiastic about eating her dinner, but she does.

I use the adult Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomachs for all my schnauzers and they are doing very well on it. I also add Forti Flora and NuVet Plus as supplements to help boost their immune system. When mixing in these powders and wetting the kibble they like it. I free feed my pack so they have food like this out all day and they graze when they are hungry. Hope that helps!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts