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So, this is probably Chisum's hardest to live with problem right now. He's improved in other areas and of course is always a work in progress, but this is a daily issue and I'm not quite sure how to address it.

Basically, when someone leaves the house and pulls the door closed behind them, he will bite at the bottom of the door as it is closing. He will then run to our large windows in our family room and just constantly claw at the glass over and over and over.

He will also claw at the glass when he sees something enticing out there, like a bird or a cat or something of that nature.

If he's doing it because we're walking by the window, we've found that if we stop walking and freeze he stops and then we continue on. But obviously that doesn't help for animals that get him going.

I've also had luck with coming over and being near him - he'll stop then and just watch - but obviously I'm not always indoors or able to get next to him when he does it.

I've though about blinds that cover the bottom part of the window, at least for a time, to see if we can break the habit. My dad doesn't want blinds on his windows at all so it wouldn't be a long term solution, just short term. Otherwise I'm totally at a loss.


EDIT: I meant for this to go in the training section - sorry!
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