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Hello all, i have a 9 months old toy poodle named Harley, and he is suffering from dry cracked skin on his necks. He is also seen scratching his neck area frequently, and only now i have noticed his neck has dry and flaky skin which looks like he has dandruff on his neck too.
I am not sure what caused it but here are some info i can provide:
1. I have been feeding him Canine Caviar’s chicken flavoured kibbels last few months, only recently i’ve changed to the fish flavor, which provides Omega oil.
2. I have been using Johnson Johnson’s baby shampoo to bath Harley, 1/2 times a week.
3. Harley prefers to sleep on the floor.

There are many factors that may lead to him getting dry cracked skins on his neck, so i would appreciate it if i could get advises on what should i do best to avoid visiting the vet to pay HUGE sum of fees for consultation and medication which i can actually get from a pet store instead. Thank you!
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