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Toileting troubles

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Hi everyone! First time poster here. We have a 1.5 yr old female am staff. Admittedly we slacked off on her toilet training and unfortunately she now will only use the pavent ? we have recently crate trained her and our other dog. It has helped so much with her toilet training, she now toilets on command on the grass! But only if we are with her. If we go out for long periods ( unsuitable to stay in her crate) she will go straight on the pavement. Does anyone have any help on how we can get that last step of on the grass 100% of the time?
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If she goes on command on the grass, I don't see that this is going to be a problem much of the time. If you feed her at a particular time and not free feed, the times she has to go potty will also be predictable, organize the feedings and potty breaks so that they happen when you are there.
Additionally, if you feed a high quality food, her poops will be small and not difficult to pick up and dispose of, should it happen that she needs to go while you are not there.
Give it time. Believe it or not, some dogs just don't like grass. I have a female pit, Sugar, who hates the grass and initially would pee on my Ipe deck. She now uses the grass 90% of the time.
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