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After months of itching and stomach upset, your pet is diagnosed with food sensitivities.

So, now what?

Having a pet with food intolerances or allergies can present a challenge to pet owners already trying to feed a healthy diet. Perhaps the dog is allergic to pork, beef, and chicken, and those are the only diets offered through their favorite pet food brand.
While some cases can be more challenging than others (because some pets are sensitive to more ingredients than others), there are some things to think about that may make the process a little more manageable.

Find a High-Quality Pet Food Brand with Versatility

The more ingredients your pet is intolerant to, the more you will need a quality brand of food that gives you the ability to customize and/or offers several limited ingredient diets. For example, The Honest Kitchen offers a Minimalist Dog Food line with only six ingredients and also base mixes that become complete, balanced diets by adding a meat source. Both are great candidates for sensitive pets.

Read All the Ingredients

Once you know your pet has food intolerances, make reading ingredients lists your new favorite pastime. Check everything your pet consumes—including supplements, treats, etc.—and read all the fine print and inactive ingredients, too. If you are unsure, contact the company and ask. Avoid impulse buying—you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what you’re giving your pet.

Read more at The Honest Kitchen blog.
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