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We have a 1 year old male westie who has always been timid and shy, but he's now beginning to be aggressive in certain situations.

- If he's lying on the floor near a closed door and someone walks in through that door he will growl and lunge at their leg until he realises who it is.

- If two people are arguing in our house he will bark and growl and sometimes go up and bite one of the person's legs

- If someone he doesn't know comes up to him too excitedly (e.g. screaming children) he will growl and bark at them, this has only happened once as we now keep him away from all children.

- He also lunges at the TV if a dog appears, this used to just be a few barks but now it's like he's trying to attack the TV.

He did have issues with aggression to dogs where he would growl and bark but never bite another dog, but we have solved that by switching his short lead to a retractable one so he can decide whether to play or run away rather than feel restricted. He used to also bark at men but that's been solved as well by us dropping treats everytime a man would walk past on our walks.

When I say he barks and growls that's probably putting it mildy, it's a really vicious, aggressive sound. It's hard to watch because he's so gentle and timid 90% of the time, he takes treats so gently from your hand, loves strangers saying hello to him on walks, etc. But I really need help in stopping the fear-aggression in the above situations. Any advice or suggesions would be really appreciated. Thank you.
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