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Last week my dog went to do her dental cleaning and they do blood work before they proceed. Her liver enzymes came high and they did further testing and the results came back as high still. So I was told there is a underlying disease(heart disease, liver disease, shunt, tumor/growth, etc.. could be any) that is causing this and the next step would be to get an ultrasound done to see what it could be.

The vet(I go to banfield in a petsmart) said she they can have it done for $500 but she is a general practitioner and she recommended me to go to a internal medicine specialist and gave me a few options on where to go. She did say it would be more expensive but worth it because they have more knowledge than she would on the matter. I got a price of $842 for the ultrasound and consultation with the board certified specialist.

Is that a normal price for this type of test and for this issue?

Also, originally my appointment was with the specialist as listed on the website but she is not ACVIM board certified as she was not listed on their website. Says she is DVM, Practice limited to Internal Medicine(and can't find her on anywhere on the internet saying she is ACVIM certified) and the other doctor listed as Internal Medcine specialist are ACVIM and was able to find them on ACVIM's website. Made an appt with the ACVIM doc after. Do you know if "DVM, Practice limited to Internal Medicine" is still board certified or not because my appt is now at a later date(March 10th now instead of March 5th).

Sorry long message but Thank you for the help!
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