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As far as my experience goes, I have never worked at a doggy day care however I do work at a dog boarding kennel, I'm also a cleaner at the local dog pound AND a friend of mine owns/runs a doggy day care (my dogs do go there sometimes but thankfully my pound job is only 3hrs Saturday and Sunday and the kennel job, I can bring my dogs with me).

1.There are way too many dogs for the number of staff. Yesterday there were approximately 18 big dogs and 10 small dogs. From 3-6, I was responsible for both groups.
I don't agree with this whatsoever. The boarding kennel I work at will have two people in if there are more than 18 dogs and at the boarding kennel, every dog has separate runs so you really don't have to worry about fights etc. One to deal with the big dogs (there are 20 kennels and 20 runs) and one to deal with the little dogs (10 kennels and 10 runs).
2. One group of dogs is left alone while you watch the other group.
Again, I don't agree with this. If you have two separate areas where dogs are.. "mingling" then without a doubt there should be one in each section. Yes, they can use the excuse that "you can see the other section" but if a fight breaks out, you won't get there fast enough.
3. If a dog is being too over-zealous or snarky, a gentle-leader is put on them.
At both the boarding kennel and my friends daycare, any dogs that are causing issues get a time out back in their kennel or in crates.
4. The facilities are old.
Honestly most places I have worked are old. As long as things aren't falling apart, it's ok.
6. Nothing for the dogs to interact or play with.
Fairly typical. My friend has toys at her daycare but she runs it out of her home and she has 7 of her own dogs and only allows 4 extras at once. She will take the dogs out to play fetch, any that she knows are RG, then they go away in the crate and will come out for a game of fetch later in the day.
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