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Hey @revolutionrocknroll

They do have crates, but ALL dogs are put in the crates 3x a day. Once for 30 minutes in the morning, two hours over lunch, and 30 minutes in the afternoon.

The leaders are left on as muzzles, all day long. They are mainly put on dogs that are getting overly nippy and stirring up trouble. All collars are removed from the dogs when they arrive, and we do use slip leads, but it's hard because the dogs get so excited when they see the leash. I would love to be able to work with them, but there is no space, and you can't just get one off by itself.

The layout is a problem. It is basically a big warehouse where everything is separated by wooden walls on wheels that you push to open and close the gate. The gates are "locked" with little latches. The only problem is that small dogs can fit under, big dogs/good climbers get over, and everyone chews on them. You also can't close or open them quickly because they are heavy/don't move well, so it's hard to prevent dogs from getting anywhere. I think instead of maintenance they need some serious upgrades.

I'm not too concerned about the toy thing, since I see so many toy-RG at the dog park that I can see the problems. I just feel bad for the dogs that are sitting off to the side desperately waiting for when their owners get there.

No training whatsoever. The only thing I'm going with is my basic knowledge of how to interact with dogs. Basically these are the techniques we are told to use:

If the dogs are getting into it, bang on the walls, bang the water-dishes together, or yell to get their attention. They also use spray bottles with water as aversives. There is generally 2 people on. One in the front office and one in the back with the dogs. Sometimes 3 if the owner comes in.

My current technique is just to whistle or clap and say "let's go for a walk" and then walk around the warehouse.
I personally work at a doggy daycare. There are usually 2 people outside at all times if not one when the other has to do a quick task. Where i work there are also kennels for all the dogs. All the dogs stuff comes off, and we put our own collars on. That way their stuff doesn't get chewed on and we can still walk them away easily when things get rough you can grab their collar and walk them away. So if you do have a couple trouble maker dogs can't you put them in their kennel and let them settle down and then come back out in a little bit? Thats a lot safer then putting a gentle leader of the dog. Plus a dog im pretty sure can still bite with one on. The purpose of a gentle leader is to pull the head side ways when the dog pulls on the leash NOT to just have the dog wander around with it. Plus if the dogs running with it on and it get caught on something the dog gets its neck snapped back and broken. So many i would bring that up.

I hope things get better!
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