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Doggie pictures ahead!

So it has been a crazy few weeks for me and my guy. Tux ended up going to live with my parents for two weeks while I had my finals, and it was like summer camp for him. My parents have my two other dogs (they are 6 yrs old) and they were a hoot with Tux. Thought I would share some pictures of my two original loves and my new fur baby. :eek:

The first pic is the three of them cuddled up, and the second photo is the sibling duo of Chloe (on the left) and Chase (on the right). They are the same mix as Tux (King Charles Cavalier and Bichon) and actually from the same breeder.

So needless to say is was a few weeks of cuddles and loves from these three :p

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! :huddle:


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