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This is my dog. There are many like him, but this one is mine.

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Typical minpin, under a blanket. I don't know how they don't suffocate. Loves the foot rest of the recliner.


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my dogs wont stay under the blanket for long, I guess its lack of oxygen but my friend has 2 jack russels and they will happily sleep under the big duvet all night long without moving.
Strange little doggies.
Be really careful of letting the dog lie on the foot rest of the recliner. I almost injured one of my dogs as they slipped down between the chair and foot rest just as I was getting up and got squished between the two. Never thought it would happen till it did and as I was in the process of getting up I could not stop the foot rest from closing on him.
Oh, this is really adorable!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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