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Many, many dogs are rehomed at around 6 months of age, when they become larger and more independent. I was fortunate enough to adopt such a dog about 30 days ago. The owner had taken on the raising of 2 sibling puppies, a daunting task, and it was pretty much doomed to failure because he worked out of town during the week, and the pups were kept in the back yard.
They were not house trained, chewed up stuff, were rambunctious and dug holes. The wife, who was not consulted before the two puppies were brought home, with no time or inclination for training, and who was caring for a young child, finally demanded that one get rehomed.
One month later after I adopted her, my pup is house trained, walks on a loose leash, and is a joy to have around.
The reason I wrote this thread is twofold: One, to encourage those who are having problems with dogs around this age. I am not a trainer or anyone special, I just read a lot of posts and applied the ideas I saw in them.
And secondly, since so many dogs are rehomed at this age, to ask that those looking for a new dog consider these age dogs rather than young puppies. They deserve a second chance, because most of the problems they have are easily taken care of.
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