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That doesn't mean you shouldn't, just be aware it is going to change how you live- you can't stay out late anymore, you have to come right home from work, you might have to hire a dog sitter or dog walker to come let the pup out mid-day for a bathroom break or come back home on your lunch break, you'll likely find that you have to decline some social invitations/party invites if you're an especially night-life-loving kind of guy, you might feel like you no longer have personal space anymore with your own dog, depending on how velcro/attached they are. I can't remember the last time I was able to go into a bathroom alone without my dog either sitting at the door or coming in with me. It's very normal to feel overwhelmed by a new puppy, also, (look up "puppy blues" for some stories that will make you feel supported, if that ends up being the case) and some buyers remorse is common after the initial excitement of a new pup wears off and the reality of what its like to live with a little baby pup sets in.
This is so true. Definitely will take up your time and not to mention your money. A puppy / dog is a life commitment. You don't want them ending up to a dog shelter for the selfish reason you can't take care of them any more:(

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” - Josh Billings

Better to think wise whether to get a puppy or not. Good luck
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