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The truth about "designer dogs"

Have you ever heard of labradoodles, puggles, chiwinnies, or perhaps cockapoos? These dog all have one thing in common, they are mutts. Yes, mutts, not designer breeds or a super cross, mutts.

The real reason "designer dogs" were created is that in 1989, Guide Dogs of Australia wanted to create a guide dog that did not cause people to have allergic reactions. This inspired Wally Conran to create an experiment – but a lot of people don't know that the experiment ended, it was abandoned in 1996 because of high failure rate, less that 35% of the puppies qualified to become guide dogs. Temperament and coat type could not be predicted, and so the whole idea had collapsed. Genetic problems were also the same in both breeds resulting in a higher average of health concerns in the offspring. The term “labradoodle” was created by Conran as a marketing ploy so he could sell the reject puppies.

People who sold dogs only as profit have seen this as an opportunity for $$$$$$$$$$$ Now these dogs are everywhere, often being sold for a ridicules price of 600$ and upwards, but for what? Low quality dogs that will take homes away from shelter dogs that might have been adopted? People think that they are buying something special, but they are not. That mixed dog down at the shelter is just as special as these dogs being sold for crazy prices - the only difference is that they need to find a home before it's too late. We are also at fault for spreading this like wildfire-> Person1-"awww cute, what breed is your dog?" Person2-"Thanks, she's a puggle" Person1-"Cute, I think I'll get one" OR Person1-"Look at my dog! She's a specially Designer breed!!" Person2 "Wow, she must be something pretty special!" Person1"Yep, and I payed top dollar for her!"...etc... it goes on and on, but the truth here is that they are nothing more then mutts!!! Pure mutts, mixed dogs with fancy names. It's like clothes - it might have a fancy brand name (ex, American eagle) but when it comes down to it, it's just clothes and at that it's poop quality.

Another thing that people like to say is that mixed breeds are healthier then purebreds. This is not true. All that is happening is that you are increasing the diversity in the gene pools, and that by no matter makes the dog "more healthy". Infact, it is more probable that a mixed dog will have more health issues then with a purebred. In purebreds, you know that this certain breed would be susceptible to a certain health issue, be it genetics or not. However, when you mix two purebreds, and for example one breed has hip dysplasia, and the other has an issue with it's eyes - and both these are linked to genetics- so now when you crossed them, you not only have a dog with increase risk for hip dysplasia, but it is also at risk for eye problems. See now how mixing two different purebreds does not make then "more healthy" or "less at risk".

People also like to advertise some of these "designer dogs" as "hypo allergenic", but truth is there is no 100% Hypo allergenic dog. The thing that people are allergic to is not the fur that is shed, it's a special protein that is found in saliva, urine, and is emitted by the dogs oil glands on the dogs skin and so it is mainly the dogs dander that will cause such reactions, not the fur. The idea is that dogs with tight coils of fur (or hair) will prevent dander from coming out as it would otherwise, while this might reduce it a little - it doesn't really work.

"Hybrid vigor" is another thing that is often used to encourage the sales of these mutts. In reality, these are nothing close to a hybrid, A hybrid is a cross between two species of animals, such as a horse and donkey, or a lion and tiger. Crossing a poodle with a schnauzer is not mixing species, it's mixing breeds. A horse can be mixed with different breeds under the species of horse. I could mix that lovely Haflinger with an Arabian/Arab, and it wouldn't be considered a hybrid since they are within the same species. As with a Bengal tiger crossed with a Siberian tiger is also not a hybrid because they are of the same species.

I hope you all understand what the truth about these dogs are, and that in the future you might help to discourage the unnecessary breeding of these dogs, and instead adopt that dog/puppy from the shelter, or buy from a reputable breeder . BYB's and puppy mills will try a lot of things to get people to buy their dogs, but now that you know, you can help these animals out.
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What is your opinion on the “designer dog” breeds?
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