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Too often, articles that owners read around fall holidays involve what not to feed our companion canine and felines.

I want to flip this concept and instead suggest feeding a natural food that is safe, infinitely healthy, and can be added to the daily diets of most pets: pumpkin.
The pumpkin you should be feeding your pets comes in multiple formats, including freshly cooked, pre-cooked in a can, and dehydrated. Freshly cooked pumpkin may take some effort for the pet owner to source, peel from nature’s format, and cook, but doing so permits sourcing to be local and ideally organic.

Most of my pet owners seeking pumpkin purchase the pre-cooked, canned version which eliminates all of the preparatory work and only requires a can-opener. If you’re going for canned pumpkin, just make sure not to get pumpkin pie filling, which has added sugar and fat that will add additional calories and could cause digestive tract upset, including pancreatitis. Additionally, choose organic over conventional.
Dehydrated pumpkin is great as it’s simple to mix into any moist food or can be hydrated with water or other liquids like low-sodium meat broth. Like canned pumpkin, the dehydrated version is easy to transport, which is great for on-the-go owners and pets. Like the other versions, strive to choose organic dehydrated pumpkin over conventional.
Why exactly would an owner elect to serve pumpkin to his canine or feline companion?

Here are some of the reasons:
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The Positive Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Our Pets | The Honest Kitchen Blog
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