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Yes, this is Whispers last litter. Amie my Miniature Pinscher had her first litter in April.
Whisper is scheduled for spay end of August.
Amie I am holding off as there are several people interested in her pups since they have natural standing ears.
It has been many years since I bred so it has been enjoyable having little ones running around the house again. But at the same time, being older it definitely takes the wind out of you. :D
They all have nice homes waiting for them otherwise I would not have let Whisper breed again. Oh and for those concerned, yes the vet did approve back to back with her. It was actually less of a strain than had she gone a season then bred. I have had several people wanting to know if anymore would be available and have turned them away as she is not being bred again. Besides, by the time they are socialized, vet bills, micro-chips and shots along with de-worming, I usually end up in the hole financially but these are people I know and trust. Most are my age and looking for companion dogs. Even I kept one from the last litter. Did not have the heart to let her go and knew before hand I would want one for myself. She has turned out to be the cutest and sweetest little thing and full of herself.
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