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Welcome to the Dog Forum at! This is a community for dog lovers to discuss all aspects of dog ownership and care, ask and answer dog related questions, share pictures, stories, and news about man's (and woman's) best friend, and more!

We're passionate about our dogs, and know others are too. The rules below are in place to help keep a friendly place that is welcoming and respectful of differing opinions. Please keep them in mind when posting.

The Dog Forum Team :)

1) Be nice. If you can't be nice, be civil. If you can't be civil, please don't post.

Even if you disagree with another member, you can express your opinion in a way that won't cause hard feelings. Please do so - but don't be argumentative, or labour the point in the face of opposition. If somebody doesn't follow this rule and is mean, personal or insulting, please notify a moderator and the moderator will address the issue.

2) Do not use bad language.
This is a family friendly website, so if you don't hear it on network tv, don't use it on the forum. Excessive use of inflammatory language will result in disciplinary action.

3) Keep threads on topic.
Please keep the original poster's purpose for starting a thread in mind when posting in it. While it is natural for the topic of conversation to stray somewhat as threads evolve, please do not make posts that effectively steer a thread in a new and unrelated direction. Instead, please feel free to start a new thread where you can discuss the different topic.

4) Please use proper language when posting.

Entire posts using baby-talk, text-speak, dog-speak (speaking from the dog's point of view,) or otherwise deliberately made difficult to understand, create confusion and detract from the wealth of knowledge and advice shared by the community. We have no intention of becoming the grammar police, and we do recognize that our diverse community is made up of members from all across the globe, who may not use English as their first language. No one who is trying to communicate and express themselves clearly will be penalized. Additionally, threads that are designated for such posts (usually found in the "Off-topic" and "Fun and Games" forums,) are still allowed, as are occasional comments when in the appropriate context.

5) Let the moderators do the moderating.

Please utilize the Report Posts feature to alert the moderators of issues rather than attempting to address issues yourself. Members are very unlikely to change their behavior because of anything another member says to them, and attempts to confront other members typically only exacerbate an issue. Please leave it to the moderators to address other members' behavior. Because moderators have the ability to restrict members' access to the site, moderators can often get through to a member when other members can't. Please feel free to pm a moderator for help at any time. On a similar note, moderators' actions are the result of careful deliberation by at least one moderator, and often the entire team. If you disagree with the way an issue was handled, please pm a moderator so that we can explore your concerns and see if there are ways to handle similar issues differently in the future. Please do not make posts that merely serve to criticize the team, as that is only counterproductive and is subject to removal.

6) Do not make unauthorized advertisements.
Many people have sought to leverage the effort that has made this community what it is to drive traffic to their own websites. If we allowed every person who came here to promote their website to do so, this place would consist of nothing but links to other sites that only served to divert our visitors. If you are interested in advertising here, please contact us. Otherwise, advertisements will be removed.

7) Do not discuss inappropriate subject matter.
Certain things simply don't belong on the Dog Forum, such as posts promoting dog fighting, discussing illicit drug use, pornography, etc. Please keep the family friendly nature of this community in mind when posting.

8) Do not try to give away your dog.
While we empathize with people who need to find new homes for their pets, the Dog Forum is not the place for it. There are rescue groups and other organizations that exist for the purpose of facilitating such things, and for the sake of your dog you should consult with them. Posts trying to re-home or sell dogs to Dog Forum members will be removed.

9) Do not ask for money.

While we feel for dogs in need, we unfortunately cannot allow members to solicit donations from other members because there is no way to confirm that the money requested is being used for a legitimate purpose, and we do not want to see well intentioned members manipulated into sending their money to people with ill intentions. If you need help with your pet, there are a number of organizations that exist for that purpose and we encourage you to investigate them.

10) Social Media.

Links to blogs and social media for the purpose of gaining followers or generating income are not permitted. Members are permitted to post personal videos of their own pets, or links to helpful training material such as information and videos from force free trainers.

11) No Multiple, Shared, or Alter-Ego Accounts.
Each member is permitted to have only one account (and thus username) on except in the rare case of irretrievable log-in info, leaving the older account inactive. If a member is found to have and be using multiple accounts, the member's original account and some or all of the additional accounts may be banned at the moderators' discretion. Members also may not share an account/username. Friends/family members must make their own account and username if they wish to participate. Members may not create multiple or fake identities or personas.

12) Animal Abuse and Neglect. does not, in any way, condone or accept the abuse, mistreatment, or neglect of any living animal. All animals deserve humane treatment/training, proper housing and hygiene, training, and vet care. If it is brought to our attention that an animal may be being abused, mistreated, or neglected by a member, and the member does not act to resolve the issue, it may result in a ban from the forum.

13) Respect the forum's posting guidelines regarding training methods. promotes a force free training philosophy based on learning theory and scientific research. We also promote educated debate on training methods. It is ok to discuss the merits of different training equipment as well as techniques, but it is NOT ok to promote or suggest any training equipment or technique that uses fear, pain, intimidation or is based in positive punishment ("P+"of the 4 quadrants). Please refer to "Forum rules and guidelines: TRAINING & BEHAVIOR, Please Read BEFORE Posting!" for more information.

14) The forum is not a replacement for a veterinarian.

The forum can be a great place to discuss tips or look for support but it is not a replacement for a veterinarian. Only a vet can diagnose and prescribe medications for your pet. Not only are very few members actually qualified to do so, but doing so over the internet without seeing the animal in person is unsafe. Members please do not diagnose or prescribe via the forum. For safety and legality reasons people need to be going to a veterinarian.

15) Surveys will be allowed at the discretion of the moderators.

16) Advertising dogs for mating.

The forum supports and encourages responsible breeding, including carrying out breed specific health tests prior to mating. A stud or breeding bitch should be selected carefully, to ensure that the two dogs complement each other both physically and in temperament. If you wish to learn about ethical breeding and what it entails, we're here to advise and guide you.

Advertising dogs online for mating is not considered responsible and is therefore prohibited on this forum.

17) Please keep politics off of the forum.
Due to the current political climate, we ask that members refrain from posting political articles, threads, posts, and comments.

Please note that posts may be edited or removed if they violate the above rules.

New to the Dog Forum? Please Read!!!

Forum rules and guidelines: TRAINING & BEHAVIOR, Please Read BEFORE Posting!

Dog Forum Infraction Policy
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