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Hello There,

I have 10 months old American Bulldog. Couple months ago I noticed a small bump/lump on his neck. The first image shows the size. We went to the vet, first thing they did was a biopsy test of the cell from inside the lump. The results came clear, with a little inflammation. The vet told me the liquid inside the lump is like diluted blood, with some puss. The vet gave us antibiotics for a week, whilst taking the pills the mass was reducing. As soon as we stopped the medication it started to grow again. Went back to the vet, they suggested another treatment before surgical involvement. The vet have given him a steroid injection for 1 week. In this week whilst the steroid was working the lump almost gone but not fully. After the week, as soon as the steroids finish to work the mass started to grow again.

The lump kept growing and I was getting worried. The size of the lump got to a bigger than a tennis ball and was very hard to touch. I've attached second picture for the size of the mass. Next what was suggested by the vet was that it might be a foreign object like a grass seed or piece of twig stuck inside, causing the inflammation and mass to grow. He went through a surgery, where the doctor explored fully inside the mass and couldn't find anything there. During the surgery, he had a nose bleed which the vet said is very unnormal. The vet described it as turning the tap on and off, and after few seconds the nose bleed stopped. The doctor mentioned he never saw anything like so in his career. They have inserted drainage tubes, shown in third picture right after the surgery. The drainage tubes were supposed to empty the mass completely and allow the skin to regrow together.

The size of lump massively reduced, shown in picture four taken just before the drainage tubes were removed. When we went for a follow up appointment to remove the stitched the lump was back. The vet suggested to do a CT scan of the whole head and throat, but the scan costs around 2k. And that's if there is something there. Couple of days ago it got to a tennis size ball, when he scratched and opened one of the drainages, the liquid that came out was looking like diluted blood with some puss/fat/ and felt greasy to touch. At the moment the lump is size similar to the size after the surgery, feel soft at the surface and pretty empty but if I squeeze and feel inside I can feel a harder lump.

A little bit of background history. He had a very dry flaky skin, it was literally falling off. Just was around all the body. Even before the initial visit to the I was worried about him and been doing some camomile baths and oat meal baths as I read it helps dry skin in white dogs. At initial appointment with the vet where I had him chipped and vaccinated, gave us some worming treatment and explained as it might be some parasites as he is the smallest pup. We vaccinated the first vaccine one week later when the skin looked a bit better. After the course of vaccination the skin looked even better. Even tough still flairs sometimes like dandruffs. I got the dog from a friend of mine who is a breeder and has the mother and the father, both healthy and with no health problems. However Baykal was the last of the little, he was the smallest and the weakest of them all. I attached a couple pictures of him little when you can see his skin.

Could it be some skin condition that can produce such a mass on his neck? Or could it be some genetic illness? Whilst doing the surgery, the vet also took a sample of his blood and sent it to the lab. The results came back normal, with a few thing higher than usual but the vet said nothing to worry about. I really don't know what to do next, this is my last cry for help. I searched almost every illness in dogs and cant find nothing to fit the problem. All the biopsy and blood test results come clear, so even my vet is lost on what it can be.

Please, would really appreciate if some of you answer with anything.

Thank you,


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