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Temporary Guests

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So we were coming home last night - late around 9pm and something dashes across the road. I do what any normal person does right? pull over and investigate. Hubby of course is yelling at me "it was a cat! or a very small coyote." but my puppy senses were tingling.

After poking around in a bush on the side of the road using my phone as a flash light I find what appears to be mostly wire-haired dachshund. As I tried to coax him out of the bush another one appears! This one growling and barking his little head off.

I sit down near the bush and wait him out. He continues to bark and growl. I grow a bit impatient (it was late I was tired) so I decide to chance a bite. I reach for him.... he immediately stops barking and growling to lick my hand and roll over for belly rubs.

After about twenty more minutes and with the help of my eldest daughter (hubby still muttering in the car) we get both of them in the back of the car.

They appear to be 4-5mos old and as mentioned mostly dachshund, standard dachshund at that.

A quick stop at Walmart for a kiddie pool and some cheap collars later - and I have them set up in my garage. They are in the kiddie pool with aspen shavings and a puppy playpen around the whole thing. I gave them some toys to keep themselves occupied. I also tick dipped them and gave them baths since they were pretty gross and gave them some dewormer. I know it might have been better to wait on the dewormer due to possible reactions to it but there were obvious worms in their poop and it was gross.

I do not really want them to mingle with our other dogs. Thus the kiddie pool in the garage - with a fan since it is a little warm during the day (not dangerously so yet)

I have named the black and tan one Nigel and the brown one Fred. We will now wait and see if anyone claims them. They are a good weight so I do not think they have been out there for very long.

If nobody claims them I will vaccinate them and find them homes. It should not be too hard as they are very cute.

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Absolutely adorable?
Oh, wow. I'm glad you found them! They are definitely cuties.
Nigel the black and tan puppy is super shy and mostly tries to avoid eye contact and touch.

Fred on the other hand is hilarious. Or I find him hilarious not sure other people would? When you go into the garage he immediately starts barking, growling, and lunging at you through the bars of the puppy playpen. But if you ignore him and open the door and start petting him he is totally fine.
They are very cute and very lucky you found them! Thank goodness for your 'puppy senses!' I sure hope whoever 'lost' them turns out to be good owners, or that you are able to find them great homes!
They are adorable I love Nigel's scruffy face and Fred has really sweet eyes.
Do you think they may be wire haired dachshunds?
OH MY! They DO look like Wirehaired Doxies!!!!!
Oh man your husband must have your puppy sense. Lol. I know mine would! Lol. Thank god you found them though. Hopefully you are able to place them with great homes.
Good job, they are lucky you took the time to rescue them. I'm sure you will be successful finding them good homes.
How are the little guys doing? So glad you found them :)
They are doing fine :) I already have homes lined up for them if nobody claims them by Monday.

They are super energetic though! geez. I am impressed by people who manage to live with terriers.
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