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We have a mutt named Reggie that we rescued from the shelter some 10 years ago, so we have never really been sure of his actual age, but like most mutts, Reggie is a great dog. However, it's sad to say his age has started to show. He could no longer jump up on the couch or bed to hang out with us. He was also having to go up and down the stairs one at a time.

We found out about Nussentials' Pet Restore about a year ago and started giving it to him every day in his food as directed. Within days there was a huge improvement and he was once again bounding up and down the stairs and hopping up on the bed and couch to snuggle.

Recently my kids taught our old dog the new trick of standing up on his hind legs, which I know must put a lot of strain on his aging hips, yet because of the new joint freedom Pet Restore has given him, he does his new trick without hesitation or pain.

I feel like we've gained more years of life and love from Reggie because of Pet Restore. Thanks Nussentials for an amazing product that WORKS!

John B - Las Vegas
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