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Teaching Her to Pull a Sled

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So, my dog absolutely loves a good challenge. The heavier the stick (or entire tree) she can find to drag around, the happier she is. One of her most favourite hobbies is dragging massive logs up a hill. She gets this crazy smile on her face when she finds a big log and you can see she's just so proud of herself when she gets to the top of the hill with her treasures.

If we ever get any snow this winter, I was thinking she might like to learn to pull a sled and I'm curious if anyone else has done this and what your experiences were like. Any experiences or resources you can share would be great.

Also, what's the best way to get affordable gear for this type of thing?
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Im sort of in the same boat as you, I was planning on trying out sledding with my dogs but ive decided to scootering instead. If I remember correctly there is at least one or two members on here that do pulling sports (biking, skijoring and sledding) already. Hopefully they will be able to give you some more detailed info/advice.
I've heard that Mush! A Beginners Manual of Sled Dog Training by Bella Levorsen is a great book to start with. You can also look up Gone To The Snow Dogs/ Snow Dogs Vlogs on you tube, she does sledding with her huskies and has some videos on it.
For dog sledding because your only doing it with one dog I would suggest a kick sled. And some great places to get harnesses, ganglines and such (barring the sled) are Alpine Outfitters and Howling Dog Alaska (they also have some good info on their sites). For just sledding I would also recommend a x-back harness (there are some slight variants in x-back style depending on where you get them so I would do a little research on harness styles). The other thing you want to work on in the mean time is teaching your dog commands, a lot of people use sledding commands for both sledding and urban mushing. A great way to start working on them is using them on walks.
Sorry if this was a bit all over the place, I was kind of writing things down as I thought of them.
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