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Tallahassee Pictures

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Hi Everyone,

Decided it was time for some more Tallahassee pictures. She is growing like a WEED. It is easy to forget how fast giant dog breeds grow.

It is a good thing she is adorable - because man she is a rotten rotten puppy.
Her adorablity lets her survive it though.

An example of her rottenness? The weather here is very nice right now so in the afternoons I frequently lock our cats in the bedroom and leave the back door open. It lets fresh air into the house and the dogs can go in and out as they please. Yesterday Talla ran inside, went behind the couch, and started peeing! then ran back outside. Yes she ran inside to pee then went back out to play. Thankfully those types of incidents are getting pretty scarce since she has figured out it is much more fun to go potty outside and get a treat.

and a couple of Basil and Coraline just cause!

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