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Update: new website, here's the link for the race-replays

[the video] worked fine on facebook.
I'll link the page that it's on, and tell you where to click:

click this link:
Race Replays

then click on the date Sat the 7th

then click on race number 6

the link is "forbidden" [??...] -

here's a new one:

Scroll back to 2012, select JULY, click on Sat the 7th [7 / 7 / 2012].
Cameo Rose made one helluvan effort, it's a shame her driver wasn't as interested in a win as the filly! :(

BTW these horses if i'm not mistaken, are PACING - & if U look very closely, U see hopples on their upper legs.

Early in the race, one filly "breaks" [begins to gallop] & is automatically disqualified - praps she'd do better under a jockey. :ponder:

- terry



21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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