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Swollen Gums on puppy

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Hi, needs some opinions here. my corgi is about 5 months old and his baby teeth are starting to fall out. My concern is the gum area where his canine was. It was quite loose and discolored for maybe a week, then i noticed this swollen area the last couple days. the tooth came out yesterday but the gum area is still swollen. any suggestions?


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any suggestions? it has reduced... but still there
Are you talking about the darker red spot along the top? Looks like a blood blister. Is there any puss coming out from anywhere?
Have you taken him to the vet? If you haven't, that would be what I would do. Especially if he is showing any signs of being in discomfort or lethargic/not acting normally.
It went away after a couple days, nevermind
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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