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Looking to see if any other owners have had the same experience with their dog, and what you've done to resolve it.
Three weeks ago, my dog, Bear, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, began pawing at his mouth and developed the most horrible breath. I checked his mouth and his gums around one of his fangs was swollen. My fiance and I assumed it was gingivitis when it was still swollen and bothering him a couple days later, so we made an appointment for a dental cleaning. The dental cleaning was a week later, and by that time, there was still no improvement. We could tell his mouth was really bothering him. He wasn't really himself. Days after his cleaning, his bad breath returned and his gums/behavior hadn't improved. We contacted the vet again and they said it could still be swollen from the dental cleaning and to give it a little more time. They said there is no infection and he doesn't have a fever. We've been feeding him soft food to lessen the irritation, but it's obvious he's uncomfortable.
He went in for an appointment with another vet today to get a second opinion, and they also aren't sure what's going on. They told us to get a specific water additive that may help stop the irritation. They also suggested for us to give him a light sedative so maybe he stops pawing at it to also lessen the irritation. However, they said to follow up in 2 months after using the water additive. 2 months is such a long time when you're in pain... They said if in 2 months, it hasn't gotten better, they want to do a biopsy.
Poor Bear has been pawing at his mouth so much that he's rubbing his lips and gums pink (they're normally naturally black)
He's also been licking his paws after he paws at his face, and chewing on himself all over like he's itchy. I know this can be from anxiety, probably from his mouth hurting. He's also been having watery/goopy eyes (more than normal) and the vet seems to think that it's unrelated and that it's allergies, but I don't want to automatically assume that just yet.

Has anyone else dealt with something similar or have any idea what might really be going on?
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