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Hello everyone and thanks for reading my post. I posted it in another thread by accident so I am reposting again here! Here is the rundown of what I'm dealing with:

My fiancé and I adopted a chihuahua/yorkie mix (or chorkie) in December 2016. Her name is Pita. She was about 9 weeks old when we got her, and we were living in NYC. The weather was incredibly harsh and so we opted to start off with wee wee pads, even though we both weren't crazy about the idea. She was just so small(barely 1lb) and the temps were so low, it just seemed cruel.
We are now living in Mexico and are off from work and thought this was a good time to begin crate training her in order to housebreak her. She is now 8 months old. Previously we left her out of the crate because she always used the wee wee pad, and there was always someone home. But after our move she started pooping wherever she liked and we obviously couldn't have her behaving this way.

We've been "crate training" for about a week or so now, and honestly I felt like we started off great. Even though we hadn't been locking her in the crate in NY, we had it in the living room, and she would regularly go inside to relax with a toy or bone. But yesterday and the day before, her mood has changed. Even if I put her in her crate with a bully stick or her favorite toy, she is barking frantically trying to get out. We were crating her at night, but I thought maybe we started off too strong so I stopped(I know inconsistency is bad, but I broke, just being honest to give a clear picture). She doesn't poop or pee during the night and will hold it until we take her out, so do we really have to crate her? It's during the day that we're having problems. We have two long walks(one in am one in pm) and she goes out about every 90 minutes. We also take her with us most places because she is so small(5lbs) so it's not like we're crating her for 8 hours during the day. I try to crate her when I go to the gym or grocery store(2-3 hours) to get her used to it.

I have started feeding her in her crate because I heard that also helps, but she is just being so incredibly stubborn. I think she is so confused because she won't poop or pee on walks, and then waits for us to turn our backs so she can go in the house. I don't leave her alone anywhere in the house, like literally if I turn my back for 30 seconds and we're two feet apart she will pee on the floor in front of me. I feel incredibly frustrated because I know this is our fault, and I don't know how to fix it which is why I came to these message boards. I took all of the wee wee pads away because I read that if I keep them in the house it will just keep reinforcing that it's okay to potty in the house, so I have stopped putting down any wee wee pads at all. If anyone out there has experience from switching to wee wee pads to crate training/house breaking I would really appreciate any advice. Her barking/whining is so irritating, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. :(

Final question: how does this community feel about house breaking without crate training? A friend of mine adamantly opposes it and says she trains her dogs without it. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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