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Survey: How much did your dog weigh at 8 weeks?

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How much did your dog weigh when he/she was 8 weeks old? What breed? How much does he/she weigh now as an adult?
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I can't remember everyone's weights when they were puppies. Shorty was 7lbs when I brought him home, he was probably around eight weeks old, now he is 49lbs. Freyja was 29lbs at around ten weeks, that is when I brought her home. She is not done growing but is now 120lbs and 14 months old.
Chess was 10 pounds, and Echo was 6. Interesting because now Echo is 14 pounds heavier than Chess.
Aayla was 8lbs when I brought her home at 8 weeks, she will probably be around 46-48lbs full grown I am guessing. She is 7 months and weighs 40.5lbs right now.
Levi (Australian Shepherd) was just under 10 pounds when we brought him home at 8 weeks. He's a year and a half now and weighs 53 pounds.

Heidi (Border Collie) was about 6-7 pounds when she came home at 8 weeks. She's 9 months and about 35 pounds. I can't imagine her getting too much bigger or weighing too much.
I've estimated that Alva weighed around 5 kg when she was 8 weeks old. I did not have a scale back then. I weighed her later when she was 10 weeks and she weighed 6.5 kg. Her adult weight is 22 -23 kg. Alva is a rough collie.
I got Stella when she was just shy of 3 months and she was 13 lbs. She's about 40 now as an adult.
Bubba (coonhound/lab mix) weighed 10 pounds when he was 8 weeks old. Now he's a year and a half and weighs 75 :)
Remy was 12lbs at 9 weeks and is now 52lbs. Don't remember her 8 week weight!
Probably doesn't count, but he fit in the palm of gf's hand, probably under a pound :)
Sancho was already older when we got him he was around half year and had ca. 12 kg (he was underweight). Now he's ca. 40kg.
Teo (Boxer) was around 6-7 kg at the age of around 8-9 weeks, if I remember right.
As an adult he was between 40-45 kg depending on how much training he had (more work-> more muscles-> more weight).
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