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We were so happy to receive this incredible report on the effects of our new Limited Ingredient fish diet, Brave, in a rescue Pit Bull in Texas, who’d been in a really sorry state.

Greg, with RAW by Canines First, sent us the following:
“I finally received high res images of our one month skin rash trial on Blue, the Pit Bull found by Paws In The City (PITC). We were extremely pleased with how well he did on the food and were amazed with the results we saw in the dog. I especially like the photo comparison that shows the frontal view and how much inflammation he had in his face. It doesn’t even look like the same dog. The photos really show how much internal inflammation he had and how much it distorted his overall appearance. In person, I didn’t even recognize him when he came into the store the last time. His coat was one of the softest I have ever felt.

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Success Story: How a Pit Bull Overcame Terrible Skin Issues | The Honest Kitchen Blog
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