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Hello guys,

I'm an American here in Uganda. Rescued this puppy. She's 6 months old now. 13 days ago a villager hit her leg with a stick. Aichu, my dog yelped and cried. I had to carry her home. The area she was struck swelled up pretty big but I didn't see any disfiguration at the time. Here is some more information and a video attachment.

  • swelling has now gone down
  • She has not shown pain or yelped when I touch around the affected area
  • She is still limping and holding paw off the ground although occasionally using it whereas before she wasn't using it at all
  • Now that swelling has gone down paw appears to be at a funny angle. Large bone-like nodule remains.
  • Her overall demeanor does not indicate pain or stress. Plays and eats like before albeit on 3 legs now.
  • I'm having trouble locating a vet that has an x-ray or would even be able to treat a complicated fracture.
  • Please understand that healthcare is extremely rudimentary here. Advanced medical care for animals may be non existent. I'm still searching.
I'm wondering if anybody has experienced a similar injury with their dog and can give some feedback. My biggest concern is that the bone is fractured and will heal at this weird angle if I don't address it soon.


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I'm not a vet, but I've had several broken bones myself including both wrists several times.

I wonder if you could try to straighten it and splint it. Thinking about what resources might be available to you, maybe you could use a small plastic water bottle, with both ends cut off to make a tube? You would need to pad both ends with something like several layers of gaffer tape to cushion the edges and find some way of holding it in place. And you might need to bandage the leg too, to make it snug.

I don't know how that would work, it's just an idea.

I wouldn't be too happy with the person who hit her.
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